DWH SQL CodeGen is a cross-platform GUI application with a simple interface, built using Python and WxWidgets, that generates SQL scripts to build and load DWH (PostgreSQL/Redshift) from staging tables.

This application should be considered rather as a working prototype, and needs a lot of refactoring and cleaning up. Nevertheless, it’s already useful in its current state, and saves the hours and days you can spend writing thousands of lines of SQL code.

Data Platform: Ansible Roles

A set of Ansible roles to install and configure the components of the Data Platform:

  • Data Input server with Apache NiFi for data ingestion, Confluent Schema Registry (along with Zookeeper and Kafka to store schemas) for event schema validation, Landoo Schema Registry UI for user-friendly schema editing, and Kafdrop as a simple Kafka UI.
  • (TBD) Data Streaming server with Confluent Zookeeper and Kafka to stream the ingested events for further processing.
  • (TBD) Data Processing and Storage server, with Cloudera Manager, Spark and Hadoop (or Hortonworks, to be decided later).
  • (TBD) Data Output and Presentation server, with Cloudera Hue interface for Hive and Impala for data querying, and Redash for data visualisation and dashboards.